Sentence & Still

The Wall

The Wall 2017 Title Card The Wall 2017 Still

“What’s there is there.  The rest of that shit’s in your head, understand?”

For a film focused on one person for 95% of the runtime, this is incredibly tense, well-acted, and gripping — smart and focused with an ending that’ll get you shouting at the screen.


The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch Title Card The Bad Batch Still

“What if all these things that happened to us happened to us so the next things that gonna happen to us can happen to us?”

Criticised for being more ‘style over substance,’ it really is engaging and beautiful, so what if it’s a little light on story or dialogue?


A Cure For Wellness

A Cure For Wellness Title Card A Cure For Wellness Still

“Do you know what the cure for the human condition is? Disease. Because that’s the only way one could hope for a cure.”

Terrifyingly bizarre, a beautifully created fantasy psychological horror that will both confuse you and  make you squirm.


Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea Title Card Manchester by the Sea Still

“Uncle Lee, are you fundamentally unsound?”

A bleak but engrossing story about loss and how it affects people, outstanding performances.